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Amino have recently implemented a simple channel zapping application for the A140/H140 series Set-Top-Boxes (STBS) that replicates and builds on the similar functionality embedded in the x3x range of boxes.

This application has been engineered to provide a much-requested feature as well as present a useful starting point for IPTV solutions vendors new to the Amino platform.

The channel changer allows channel ipmg stream addresses to be manually entered into the A140/H140 without a web server;

Channel names can also be entered into STB which wasn’t an option on the Ax3x’s.

Designed using the same language as web pages, so with basic web design knowledge you will be able to tailor the page colours to suit your taste

The channel changer file needs to be added when the STB is flashed with an image, which Imago can help you with.

*please note this is currently a beta version

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