Great Digital Freeview IPTV TV Starter System Bundles

Imago have teamed up with Breeze Technologies and Amino to offer some great education and hospitality deals featuring the Breeze TVium Freeview Digital IPTV appliance,the ‘New’ TVium EPG and the Amino 129 Set Top Boxes.

For users who want to play out to desktop PC’s and laptops the only cost is for the TVium – No Set Top Box needed or license fee for player software. TVium is ultra competitively priced against options like Exterity

The bundles are made up of a TVium Freeview appliance introductory offer of the FREE TVium EPG RRP £1,900.00  and sets of five, ten or fifteen Amino 129 mini set-top boxes.

TVium bundles make ideal starter systems for organisations aiming to provide low cost DIGITAL Free View Television over their IP network.

TVium + EPG Only – Special Education Offer:

Product List                 Education Offer        Dealer Price

TVium £ 3,000.00           £2,500.00                   £1,800.00       

TVium + EPG + Amino S T B’s - Hospitality/Education Prices:

Product                                     List                   End User Offer       Dealer Price

TVium/EPG +  5 Amino129       £3,695.00            £2,771.00                 £2,150.00       
TVium/EPG + 10 Amino129      £4,390.00            £3,292.00                 £2,500.00
TVium/EPG + 15 Amino129      £5,085.00            £3,814.00                 £2,850.00

TVium has been developed to meet a growing IPTV requirement and is particularly interesting for Hotels, SME’s, Schools and Colleges where budgets are tight.

TVium is an appliance and in addition to featuring the ability to handle up to 100 streams of TV and radio has the capacity to host CAM modules to enable distribution of encrypted channels -Click Here for TVium Datasheet or for more information contact your Imago Account Manager.


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