Hospitality applications lend themselves to IPTV!

The hospitality industry has been one of the forerunners in taking IPTV technologies and using them effectively in their environment.

Sports stadiums, hotels and leisure centres have been at the cutting edge of this technology for a number of years and the coming of the Digital Television Switchover has hastened the need for more and more venues to review what they are offering to their clientele.

Major venues such as Ascot Racecourse took the step to implement of a fully digital IPTV networked system early in the new millennium and their system can now handle the enormous crowds associated with the world famous Royal Ascot week. The system in Ascot was designed around a digital head end (the system where the various television signals are received and processed from terrestrial and satellite sources and where the in-house television network is fed into the overall Ascot IPTV network) and the television channels are played out to the myriad screens within the site via Amino set top boxes.

The overall system is controlled centrally and each individual set top box has an address on the IP network so that content can be transmitted directly to that unit.  Typically this type of system will offer different types of content to different areas of the stadium. The racecourse has many public areas and many private boxes and each area or box can be given different access to the media on offer from in-house television channel for each of the races, video of previous years races and indeed if requested access to other sporting events on the day – cricket for example.

The venue can also take advantage of this powerful television based advertising opportunity to promote the services and refreshment opportunities on offer around the grounds. Specialist areas such as the champagne tent provides mouth watering snacks to those wishing to enjoy their wares along with all the different food options available to those not lucky enough to be enjoying a fully paid entertainment day.

IPTV can provide entertainment in the venue for the clientele and provide an excellent medium for the venue itself to make a considerable return on its investment utilising the marketing facilities available via the system.

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