Video Walls can be very effective but inexpensive!

The technology around video walls has been around for some time but the new thinner bezel monitors are making the overall picture much more pleasant for the viewer.

Recent applications are giving us a new insight into how and where this type of large format display can be used to provide instant graphical information and advertising content in a wide range of venues. Some of London’s newest hotels are looking at video wall technology as a low cost way of informing guests of events and special offers in their chosen venue and also utilising the opportunity to mix video and graphics to effectively display the different facilities and services available within the Hotel.

Samsung and Future Software have combined to provide a cost effective solution that brings together the narrow bezel features of the Samsung hospitality monitors with Future Software’s DigiSHOW video wall hardware and software suite to provide an eye catching and very powerful video wall display solution.

The Combination of the Samsung screen and DigiSHOW software application provides a very cost effective solution as until now most video walls have required various extras to allow a range of functionality. Extra pieces for example video scalers to handle the resolutions and matrix systems to enable effective control of the screen as a full screen display or as individual small screens have added to the overall cost of the installation.

Now with DigiSHOW’S versatility and abilities to control the individual screens natively the need for extra pieces has become a thing of the past and a fully programmable signage display with the option of integrating live TV is a low cost reality.

The initial installation described above is installed in one of the City of London’s newest hotels very near to one of the oldest of our capital’s sights the Tower of London.

For more information on how to get this type of exciting low cost video wall implementation contact your Imago Account Manager.

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